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peace family these are Real Bananas until man came along and manipulated life. What most of you eat today is not even a real banana. Most beings that have no knowledge on Indigenous foods are totally clueless of what original fruits look like and thats okay I am here to help. If you are concerned with doing the best and putting the best inside you for proper assimulation to take place inside of your body, I would suggest buying Burro Bananas which can be hard to find. In Los Angeles you can find them at Vallarta,

Asian Markets, and certain wholesale produce. People often call me crazy but do you think I give a fk? Nope! I live and speak my truth and will keep doing just that. When people try to take me out to eat 9 out of 10 times I eat nothing around this concrete jungle. Give thanks for some of the few good places that actually have good food and I am not just talking about taste here it is deeper then that! I eat to live family and we all should. I really go hard for my health even if I have to drive out just to get something good I will do it. Nevertheless, I really do not eat out much and cook all my meals and the best part about it, I know exactly what is inside of my food. NEVER settle for less and ALWAYS do your very best! (with everything) All Real Fruit contain seeds inside. Some people choose to be blind or ignorant and say it is just a fruit...No! not true at all if that was the case then why do they label food just like they lable with us with our social security card, identification numbers. It is because there is a difference. If you are eating inorganic fruit with no seeds salads from fast food places buying salad greens out the bag which have been sprayed to preserve it's freshness on the shelf at the grocery store and think you're doing something for your health think again. Often people wonder why eating healthy is not working and revert back to old ways. It is because you're doing it wrong you really cannot expect to get healthy and heal from man-made Foods please do not think you're doing something good by buying salads from a fast food place because that's not it either. You cannot expect to heal from these manipulated foods.

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