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Grand Rising Nourished Family! I love gloomy days perfect weather to just cuddle relax and still get things done in comfort. I want to remind you guys to not only eat correctly which leads to thinking correctly, take time out in to nature and get some sun and physical activity at least three times a week. I always encourage meditation, yoga, boxing and gym. Roller skating, swimming, running calisthenics, dancing, martial arts so on and so forth anything to move that temple, strengthen the body, correct posture and get that blood flowing. Keep yourself active with positive activity allows the mind to peacefully flow. Participate in activities you enjoy that gravitate you towards a charge and speaking of charge crystals are fun. Synergistically include meditation and mindfulness practices in your daily routine. A hobby is actually a form of meditation based upon something you practice in repetition you form a rhythm and to be engaged in that particular rhythm that is a form of meditation, from that comes manifestation when you properly plant seeds and channel your energy. As you set your intentions and merge more in to Alkalinity and move away from an acidic environment winging yourself off those toxic foods that send negative vibrations, codes, signals, messages, feelings in to our temple/system you notice how much better you feel, you no longer think or feel scattered like a dingy home you feel good like a neat home. Life becomes easier as you begin to love yourself both internally and externally as the natural laws of nature intended. Senses enhance, you begin to think much clear which is always a bonus because what better then to be in complete control of your own temple, vessel, spaceship, vehicle, mind, "clairvoyance is her name." most of us suffer from being our own worst enemy in the first place so it is priority that we choose alkalinity. #nomoreacid If not completely "alkaline" that IS fine your choice everyone is made if different elements, overstood. Do your best not to overindulge in starchy, dairy, meaty/bloody, sugary non organic fruit substances, balance is the key. Yes there are people out here who consume a lot of toxic foods and are the happiest smartest people on earth, well so it appears that way. Some balance that out by staying active or cheating themselves and deceiving others by "paying for the look" most look great! yet you can not get away from the chemicals and the restructuring of DNA that those toxins excrete into your temple so chances are if not active their longevity is affected. Bad foods equal bad mood and bad food eat at the bones organs and good minerals we require inside our temples to help you sustain life within. For example, one may be overweight, underweight, malnourished, bad eye sight digestive issue, nephropathy, edema, high blood pressure Parkinson's, Alzheimer, forward head posture, etcetera. These are all result of eating poorly and not loving yourself enough as a whole internally and externally (mind, body, soul.) Overstand that Foods are drugs and contain chemicals so when you eat too much of the wrong toxic foods you dehydrate yourself like sponge bob out if water. Many are also under the impression that health is on their side without having to put in the work by taking all these crazy synthetic unlawful pre-workouts, and cosmetic surgery, so called protein, energy drinks and other acidic stimulants like coffee to suppress issues within self. The more you consume unlawful unnatural substances these products actually give you more of an issue in due time. It may not kill you today yet it adds up. Be mindful and get you an alkaline coach like myself to help guide you, start to loving yourself as nature intended eat good take your alkaline herbs exercise and get plenty of rest as needed. I am here to help you so Email me ( if you feel the need to acquire my services and assistance. I am here to assist you and get you back on track. Keep in mind that I specialize in Alkalinity and operate from an Alkaline state of mind. Alkalarian, yet I am still open to any level you are at when it comes to health and wellness. I love you Nourished Family! peace, love, light and gracefulness to you all. PS. If anyone is located in Los Angeles, CA and would be interested on attending a free fitness service every Sundays at 8:00A to 12P feel free to E-mail me about that as well, let's get this work!

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