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Kombucha, Not Good For Consumption?

Do not drink this product. ______________ KOMBUCHA is a cocktail of fermented patented farmed bacteria. It increases alcohol thus raising acidity in the body. ______________ It's primary ingredients are gram positive bacteria that increase lactic acid. Lactic acid buildup can cause cramping pains. ______________ It is anaerobic: without oxygen. _____________ We get digestive help from fruit skin oxidation in our intestines. ______________ The bloom of fruit found on the skin is an immunity booster as it is secreted by the epidermal skin cells in the fruit and assists us at fighting bad bacteria like E. coli, candida , Helicobacter pylori etc. All of which are increased by these fake probiotics like KOMBUCHA and ACV. ____________ If you suffer from celiacs disease, chrons disease or other IBS types of diseases you have a high E. coli and candida infection and need a pure and natural probiotic to restore intestinal flora. _______________ Antibiotics, baby formulas and poor nutrition during pregnancy wipe out all natural bacteria in the gut and is the lead cause in development of these diseases. ________________ GIVE THANKS ❤ @dralimuhammad [OTHER DRINKS TO BE AWARE OF:] *VITAMIN WATER *PROPEL WATER *BRAGS APPLE CIDER DRINKS *ENERGY DRINKS *ENERGY SHOTS *COFFEE *ALL SODAS *CARBONATED WATERS *LEMONADE *GRASS WHEAT SHOTS *BLACK. WATER *STARBUCKS & COFFEE BEAN (LAY OFF THE DIABETES) *EVERYTHING IN 711 IS TOXIC AF

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