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beautiful callaloo in the city of Los Angeles from my guy @kingcallaloo go support him & tell him that Mel (@alkaline.goddess) of @nourishedtemple sent you.

I am so thrilled to share this with you because Callaoo is usually not available in the US, infact it was banned from United States Since 1976 becayse of the Amaranth dye by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a suspected carcinogen. It's use is still legal in some countries, notably in the United Kingdom where it is most commonly used to give Glacé cherries their distinctive color. Overall Callaloo is a beautiful powerful Leafy vegetable from the Plantae Kingdom & the Amaranthaceae Family. Callaloo is Amaranth Greens, there is a variety of Amaranth, about 75 species in the Amaranthus Genus. Callaloo is one of the highest iron content in the plant kingdom. Some beg to differ and say that the protein content is higher in cooked callaloo and that it is not a high quality protein, that cooked callaloo provides more iron than raw callaloo. However, that is not true. Juice it, eat it, cook it however you choose the Amaranth green will do your temple justice. Callaloo is great for the entire body and is sourced from places like Trinidad, Tobago, Jamaica, Dominica, Belize, St. Lucia and Guyana. Most of these cultures call callaloo to refer to amaranth which is what we want yet careful because it can also be in reference to other foods like Taro (dasheen) and Xanthosoma (tannia) and we do not want to consume those those things are acid based foods. Callaloo is so full of a variety of proteins which makes it great for building muscle. The fiber content inside of the plant helps to prevent constipation and create a good environment for the healthy growth of your immune system. By the way It is also a great agent for weight loss. #callaoo #electricplants #electricfood #loveandlight #amaranthgreens #raw #alkalinegoddess #alkaline #drsebi #NourishedTemple #alkalinelectric

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