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Come on family let's make the switch and own your health! mind body! soul! ALWAYS! Nourish Your Temple. All that junk is for the birds when you truly care for self. Overstand chemical warfare! for some I know It is not easy especially after being indoctrinate many years eating crap. Depending on how bad you really want it the change can be done. I am here to help get at me if you need I will gladly coach you threw. I was not always on the level that I am today. I chose life, to care for my temple. At age 6 I say that's when my journey started as I realized the changes and effects bad food played on me. I noticed the meats, milk, heavy canola and vegetable oils played on me. I always wondered why did I feel bad and gaining weight, isn't food supposed to be our fuel? why do I feel this way! I almost died twice family I was on the verge of needing two kidney replacements in my lifetime due to lack of nutrients eating bad drinking a lot of soda and junk period. Such as Chips, Soda, Candy, Fast Food, Animal Milk, Starchy Foods, Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut etc...those things are non electrical and harm us. Sure it taste good to most Innerstand those bad foods do not supply us with life. Zero fuel for the body. We want to heal from the inside out. It is easy to look good on the outside these days yet you still feel some type of imbalance internally. When you heal from the inside out by consuming Electric Foods/Herbs life becomes so much clear. Take it from me I work 12 hour shift and still mange to meet my team after for a 4 to 5 hour workout and manage to still get back to me and that is because of the Electrical foods/Herbs I consume along with a healthy mind goes hand in hand doing my best to consume good products good water non fluoride no chemicals, no petroleum products or harsh body washes or hair products etc.. Electrical is the way to go we are light beings having a human experience and our body is our vehicle. Would you put sugar in your gas tank? I think not so why put bad things in your body. Strengthen your mental. Beginners start small. NO junk food, dairy, microwaves, canned goods, meat, starchy foods, boxed foods, seedless fruit.

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