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What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is immature water. It’s pure H2O, and it pulls to it whatever is around. It hasn’t been run through silt, tumbled through rocks (crystals and poly-crystals), or vortexed/dynamized That is by no means a bad thing, but something to keep in mind. Distilled water is a blank canvas. Are you trying to pull stuff out of your body, or are you trying to push stuff in? I started by pulling. Straight distilled water. Loved it, I could feel myself opening up, calcification leaving my body. Within a month I had already noticed my flexibility improving. Now I alternate between drinking immature and conditioned water. That makes sense to me, because in the wild I would probably alternate between spring and rain water, depending on availability.

Below I will spell out how I condition my water. The point of this is to try mimic as close to clean spring water as possible. I use the Waterwise 7000 Automatic Distiller. It works great. Auto-fills, auto-shuts off. It's very easy to clean, the chamber just pops right off. Chill - Yourself and the water. You don’t want to prep the best water when you’re pissy. The water will hold information better when it’s densest. The denser the water is, the more energy it contains. Weird right? Because it’s cold!

Mineralize - I add sea salt. At times I add Omica ActiveIonic Concentrated Fulvic & Ocean Minerals. Vortex - Spin it by moving the container or stirring with a wooden spoon. I don’t use metal with distilled water, or plastic. Structure - Anything you add to the water will structure it, so be selective. Salt and Crystal Energy will do this, as will vortexing. Those aren’t the only ways though, put some intent in your water! Crystal Energy will give structure to the water. It also lowers the surface tension of the water, making it more permeable, and sudsy. Salt does the same thing on a smaller scale. Haven’t you ever notice how foamy the ocean is? Because it has a low surface tension and can break easily and trap air

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