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Let's talk about this Watermelon Journey I had the other day. So I went roller skating around my neighborhood, came across a sign at a local plant based market that I could not resist and pass up Finally!!! ORGANICALLY GROWN BLACK SEEDED CALIFORNIA WATERMELONS FOR SALE IN ABUNDANCE WITH THE PROPER SOUND, BIG YELLOW BELLY STAIN, AND OBLONG SHAPE. I knew that this was the one, the biggest one there which was not my intentions to buy such a huge Melon yet it was the best one there I was not about to pass this big baby up, I knew the watermelon would be pricey yet I did not mind I go hard for my health. Let me tell you it was sooooo worth it. I got a great workout in rollerblading back home with a 27.28lbs watermelon. I am so happy I invested in my health I am about to make watermelon everything!!!! give thanks to the universe for providing this blessing. Living in the concrete jungle I definitely appreciate this here. BENFITS OF WATERMELON? (BLACK SEEDED WATERMELON ONLY) Watermelon is one of the best fruit you can utilize for a fast along with sea moss. Not only does this hydrate and nourish our temples, Watermelon is so amazing and tasty, it is good for adding with your digestive system, repairs the cells, acts as a diuretic making you have to pee, good for weight loss and kills parasites, good for prostate, diab builds strong bones inside of our bodies. Never neglect a watermelon this is a staple as a Alkalarian. (I'm a Alkalarian not a Vegan) WHATS A GOOD WATERMELON? A good watermelon is going to be organic with black seeds, have a dumb rich sound as if you were slapping someone's big belly, it should be oblong in shape with the best yellow belly stain you can find. DO NOT waste your time with unseeded fruits or already cut incomplete fruits which have already began to oxidize, ferment and die. If it is not seeded or organic you could NEVER receive the true mineral content watermelon provides.

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