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IDK AB0UT Y0U BUT THESE BULBS ARE T00 STR0NG F0R ME AND HURT MY EYES THEY WEAKEN MY AURA AND I D0NT LIKE THEM. THEY CAN ALTER Y0UR THINKING, CAUSE HEADACHES, MIGRAINES AL0NG WITH 0THER MAJ0R HEALTH ISSUES T0 Y0UR EYES, BACK & NECK PAIN, DIZZINESS, SEIZURES, FATIGUE, ANXIETY Compact Fluorescent Lights - CFLs contain mercury, one of the most toxic substances known to man. It's not enough that they poison you with it in your vaccines and seafood, and in your office spaces, now you are pressured to light your homes with this toxin under the guise of saving the planet. Some common side effects of these bulbs include headaches to nausea to chronic fatigue. And the best part? If it break then it's basically a toxic waste site. The mercury is vaporized, so will instantly spread out in the air for you to inhale this poison before you can even remember to evacuate. And it's extremely unlikely your children will know what to do, they'll probably just sit there while inhaling the fumes. Actually most adults don't even know. And you're just radiating yourself with mercury all day long. Switch to incandescent bulbs, the normal ones, before they're completely banned down the line. Or better yet, LED lighting which is really the safest alternative and the future. I use color LED light strips which I can change at will and are very therapeutic. I don't know how I went without color lighting before. Can find them easily online like Amazon. Protect your EM fields.

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