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If it is seedless do not eat it


You say you wanna do better and be a healthier you from the inside out the organic way, mother nature's way, just like you should never microwave your food due to termination of nutrients once heated you should never consume seedless foods which are acid based, look for organic fruits and veggies starting with the #9 bar code... find out where your food came from i do, how can you expect to reproduce anything on your own when there is no seeds ??? how did the fruit even grow? the evil powers that be, our government has been poisoning us for a long time now with chemical warfare and now that we have reached the information age & waking up we as melanated beings must d our best to get our ass back to nature, protect yah neck! repair that DNA. this mess is government tyranny, what is going on today is beyond what the naked eye can see, you must be awakened to truly see, one must grow from within there is a spiritual warfare going on s rise up wake up and turn your fears in to power. say no to seedless fruit GMO hybrids, all man made foods period are incomplete in molecular structure. i say dedication balance and inner peace f mind is key. we are living with a breed of synthetic humans, we are not made for these synthetic chemicals that disrupts the body's natural process it affects and robs away good nutrients and turns in to an acid self many times it was the only way to truly understand how these chemical base. they want to keep us at a low frequency. seedless anything promotes aches pains mind fog, calcium deposit more so from your meat etc., calcification happens when calcium builds up in body tissue, blood vessels, or organs. the buildup can harden and disrupt body's normal function. my diet used to consist of starch and blood once i cut all that out my life i was changed for the better. No more carbolic acid. i experimented on my own self many times it was the only way to truly understand how these chemicals played a negative role inside the temple.

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