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Hybrid Food

this is your food before man stepped in and started a process known as hybridization. more then 3,000 grains fruits, vegetables have been man made in a laboratory by subjecting them with gamma rays with toxic chemicals to artificially scramble DNA. they make there way to stores and are labeled organic. man has been tampering with original foods for years now, we do not have a clue what original foods looked like. man has evolved our foods in to what he felt would be beneficial to his pockets and keep us down. more bulk, more buyers,

more money. nature has always been correct and it is unfortunate that we have entities on our planet who choose go against the laws of nature. it is called mother nature not father nature. it is our story not his-story lol! . . .another way of messing with our crop is splicing, this is when they take two different species and force them to grow together like the carrot which was created in Holland. these days we do not know what we are truly consuming, this is why research is important. innerstand life! we are not

perfect so you do your very best! this is why we should all grow our own food. we are so far gone that just growing our own is not enough you must now test your own seeds and soil to be exact. when it comes to seedless fruit, no seedless fruits!!! do not consume inorganic seedless fruits, no seeds? = man made. these seedless fruit were not produced by nature and are acidic to the body. seedless fruits are not complete in molecular structure, do not assimilate well. do you not see the harm in this ? producing seedless fruits ensures

that we can no longer grow our own we will have to depend on parent companies like old evil Monsanto and it's affiliates to supply our food. Bar-codes do not always ensure truth to your purchase but again we do the very best we can. you will know it is organic when the bar-code begins with a no. 9 this is what you want to be purchasing. also remember food has traveled to and from always wash and soak your fruit & veggies. we will talk about food prep and storage some other time.

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