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How to make Chondrus Crispus aka Sea Moss Gel

Peace and Love Family I am delighted that you have chose me as your guide this day. Allow me to show you how to prepare Sea Moss Gel.

SEA MOSS CAN BE USED AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE! How to Prepare Sea Moss Gel Approximately 2 Cups worth 1. Rinse sea moss off really good making sure all ocean debri such as dirt sand stones and sea critters (they look like small seahorses) TRUE CHONDRUS CRIPSUS DOES NOT NEED A FULL DAY TO SOAK YOU WILL NOTICE THE SEA MOSS QUICKLY EXPLAND AND COME BACK TO LIFE. 2. Soak the sea moss in spring water for 1 day in the refrigerator. YOU MAY ADD SMALL SEEDED KEY LIMES TO SEA MOSS WHILE SOAKING TO PRESERVE ITS FRESHNESS AND ALL ELECTRICITY TO YOUR SEA MOSS. (NO LEMOND OR LIMES) 3. Drain the water from sea moss and place your soaked sea moss in to blender and blend until all particles have vanished and you vet a nice smoothed textured purplish gel. 4. Store inside mason jar, then refrigerate How to store and How long does it last? Sea Moss can be stored in a glass mason jar inside the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. You will also know when sea moss is going bad by the smell it starts to give off, use your nose. *Dried Sea Moss may be stored up to a year or longer when preserved inside the freezer. How to use Sea Moss Gel I love to use 1 to 2 tablespoons in my smoothies or I love to put 1 tablespoon sea Moss gel per 8oz. Cup inside of my tea. Sea Moss gel is highly universal and may be used for many things much more then mentioned above like sauces, facemasks, sunscreen, breads, soups it goes on. Peace Family!

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