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Electric food fuel the body helping one to think clearly and efficiently by removing calcification build up in the body specifically the penial gland. Eating electric foods repairs cellular DNA helping to unleash ones natural abilities, promoting positive vibrations, heightened senses, skin begins to glow as you heal from the Inside out. Electric foods promote a positive mindset unlike toxic foods which promote a negative mindset. Electric foods rids the body of toxins parasites, excess mucus and kills cancerous cells. Illnesses can not thrive in an alkaline environment only acidic so remember when you eat like crap you feel like crap you are indeed what you eat remember that. Detrimental dead foods such as meat, dairy, processed sugar, soy, poultry, whey, wheat, corn, soda, junk food microwaving your food, you are infact creating the perfect acidic environment for illnesses to thrive parasites love a junky temple. Electric food allow a women to have a healthier cleaner periods, when you eat clean the body has less to filter out. Electric food promote a healthier sex life, balances the yoni and phallus PH levels and stamina. Yoni taste better, men are able to retain erections longer eliminating acidic battery acid tasting semen. I encourage everyone to incorporate an abundance of organic electric fruits and veggies on their plate. The body is electric therefore you should eat electric foods. All fruits and veggies are not electrical, stay away from seedless food if it has no seeds inside it is not electrical.

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